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97%VideoMar 2011

Morgan Freeman, quite clearly not a man of god

The word faith has many nuances but when used in the context of god, it means believing in the existence of something even though there's no evidence for its existence. Morgan Freeman interprets faith differently, strictly speaking inaccurately (faith in religion is unchangeable, 'faith' in science changes with evidence), but his point is as clear as the stars.


96%SoundAug 2012

Morgan Freeman struggles with voicing Duke Nukem

(2:16) I would love this to be real. Morgan Freeman in a Dutch studio recording some Duke Nukem material, with funny results.


94%VideoNov 2014

Morgan Freeman's plea for action on climate change

(3:38) Morgan Freeman delivers a message of hope in a future laden with doom.


92%VideoSep 2012

Morgan Freeman sings 'Shoo Shoo Sunshine'

(3:44) From 1971 - Morgan Freeman sings a melancholy song on 'The Electric Company', an educational American children's TV series.


91%VideoJul 2012

Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman interviewed about The Dark Knight Rises

(7:29) Veteran actors Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, back as Alfred and Lucius Fox, talk about how it is to work with Christopher Nolan.

89%VideoApr 2014

Morgan Freeman GPS

(2:22) The soothing voice of Morgan Freeman helping out on the highways and byways of life.

88%VideoFeb 2010

The Electric Company - Jelly Belly

Morgan Freeman as groovy DJ Mel Mounds, introduces the top tune of the week 'Jelly Belly'


88%VideoMar 2013

The many faces of Morgan Freeman

(2:29) The voice of God.


87%VideoMay 2015

Morgan Freeman - Are we all inherently racist?

(4:14) While racism is increasingly unacceptable, research suggests people are not as open-minded as they think.


87%VideoMar 2016

Morgan Freeman GPS

(0:48) What if Morgan Freeman was the voice of your car's GPS?