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VideoMar 2006

Natalie Portman gangsta rap

Angry Harvard bitch sucks dick


VideoOct 2008

Joe Biden in a laughing fit

Obama's VP reacts to SNL's portrayal of himself

VideoOct 2019

When Mick Jagger told John Mulaney he's not funny

(5:15) American stand-up comedian tells the story when Mick Jagger came to host SNL.


VideoMay 2007

Lifeguard on duty

Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell make a splash


VideoMar 2012

Jack White - Sixteen Saltines

(2:59) Music video by Jack White performing Sixteen Saltines live on SNL.

VideoJun 2012

SNL Photo Booth audition

(4:34) Candidates to host Saturday Night Live give their impression of a stick.

VideoDec 2014

SNL - Dr Evil interrupts the show to mock Sony and North Korea

(3:53) Mike Myers returns as Dr Evil from the Austin Powers films, to scold Sony and North Korea for giving Evil a bad rap.

VideoDec 2005

Blue Oyster Cult - More cowbell

Behind the scenes with Bruce Dickinson


VideoOct 2005

Ashley gets told off

Repercussions of a misspent youth

VideoDec 2007

SNL - Christmas song

Performed by all the usual suspects