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VideoNov 2011

That Mitchell and Webb Look - Homeopathic A&E

A serious car crash victim enter Homeopathic A&E. An interesting question/comment on YouTube: "So if I drink a glass of London tap´╗┐ water which has been through 7 other people before me I will be cured of every disease known to man?"


VideoApr 2016

David Mitchell nails tax avoidance

(3:28) British comedian David Mitchell's take on tax avoidance.


VideoAug 2012

David Mitchell - Lucky old Germans

(0:45) Comedian David Mitchell gives some good news about the Germans, for once.


AnimationOct 2011

60-second adventures in thought - Achilles and the tortoise (1/6)

Surely Achilles, being so much faster, can easily overtake a tortoise? Not if you follow a perfectly reasonable line of logic. From a series on paradoxes by the Open University, short and entertaining enough for the YouTube attention span. Voiced by comedian David Mitchell. Open University philosophy videos: http://tiny.cc/n0spp


VideoFeb 2013

QI - Pascal's Wager, the third option

(1:12) David Mitchell offers a third and far more interesting option for Pascal's Wager.


VideoOct 2012

Would I Lie To You? - Rob Brydon's biscuit habit

(3:20) Does Rob Brydon have a wasteful attitude towards the top and bottom biscuits in a pack?


VideoAug 2010

Would I Lie To You? - Kevin Bridges accidentally buys a horse

Glaswegian comedian Kevin Bridges on Would I Lie To You?, a comedy show where teams have to decide whether the opposing team is telling the truth or is in fact lying


VideoFeb 2012

David Mitchell's top five rants

(5:38) What David Mitchell is best at, pointing out the obvious to hilarious effect.


VideoJun 2010

David Mitchell's Soapbox - Dear Americans

(3:24) America's spelling and grammar comes under the glare of David Mitchell's beady eye.


VideoJul 2007

That Mitchell and Webb Look - Green Clarinet

Embarrassing truths revealed