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VideoJun 2011

David Mitchell's Soapbox - Naming your child

David Mitchell offers some words of advice for your baby's name. And as is so often when listening to a comedian, once they point out the obvious, it makes complete sense.


VideoAug 2009

Agent Suave

Robert Webb tries to be Bond in 'That Mitchell and Webb Look'


VideoJan 2012

Would I Lie To You? - Charlie Brooker said he was deaf

(3:48) For six years British journalist Charlie Brooker pretended he was partially deaf to his girlfriend. True or lie?

VideoOct 2013

QI - Tied in Knots

(3:27) QI gets physical when the panellists get tied together.

VideoDec 2011

Mitchell and Webb - How to win a woman's heart

(3:18) How times have changed. Great advice on how to woo women by David Mitchell as the nosey Cyrano de Bergerac.


VideoJul 2013

QI - French and Russian dinner services

(3:49) The QI panel try to figure out the difference between French and Russian dinner services, but David Mitchell actually knows.

VideoApr 2019

WILTY | Lee Mack: I can smell if there's a dead fly in the room

(0:53) Can Lee Mack really smell a dead fly in the room?

VideoMay 2010

David Mitchell's soapbox - I hate getting my hair cut

Getting your hair cut can be a confusing business. David Mitchell recounts his experience at the barber's.


VideoOct 2011

60-second adventures in thought - The twin paradox (5/6)

Twins are born at the same time, so they should both reach the age of 50 at the same time, right? Actually, that depends on how fast they are moving relative to each other according to Einstein's theory of relativity. Voiced by comedian David Mitchell. More Open University philosophy videos: http://tiny.cc/n0spp


VideoMar 2012

The Cockney Bible

(2:38) The Archbishop of Canterbury once endorsed a Cockney version of the Bible. True or false?