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97%VideoFeb 2014

Dale Hansen celebrates our differences

(2:16) Amazing speech by sports presenter Dale Hansen after American football star Michael Sam came out as gay.


96%VideoSep 2011

Danny Hart at UCI MTB World Championships 2011

(3:07) Pro mountain biker Danny Hart on fire, commentators following closely also on fire. What more could you want?


95%VideoFeb 2014

Texas sports anchor Dale Hansen on Ellen

(7:12) From his news desk in Dallas, Texas, old white fat guy Dale Hansen spoke out in support of openly gay football player Michael Sam.

94%VideoJul 2012

Roy and HG - Gymnastics at Sydney 2000 Olympics

(6:29) Australian comedy duo Roy and HG comment on Russian gymnasts' performance at Sydney 2000 Olympics.


92%VideoMar 2011

A horse called Arrrr!

(1:33) Sports commentator Tom Durkin provides professional commentary for a horse race with an unusually named contender, Arrrr!


92%VideoAug 2015

Rock Paper Scissors Championship Match

(3:58) $50,000 final match at the 2007 USARPS Championship in Las Vegas, the biggest throw down in hand sport history!

91%VideoFeb 2007

Rob Stone vs chili pepper

(2:08) American football commentator gets hot.

90%VideoFeb 2010

Yannick Bertrand straddles the gate, Frenchman needs a hug

2008 - Commentator sympathises with French skier Yannick Bertrand as he takes the gate to the groin during his super-g attempt in Kvitfjell, Norway


88%VideoMay 2011

Turtle drop

A turtle makes golf more interesting


88%VideoFeb 2013

Waltrip's ride of a lifetime

(4:28) Darrell Waltrip gets a ride in a V8 Supercar.