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VideoNov 2010

John Stewart destroys Bill Kristol over government run health care

American conservative political analyst Bill Kristol slips up when he admits that the US military has the best health care (run by the government) and suggests that the American public don't deserve the same standards. From an interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (2009).


VideoOct 2012

TYT - Jon Stewart crushes Bill O'Reilly in Rumble debate

(6:26) October 6, 2012: Fox News host Bill O'Reilly and The Daily Show's Jon Stewart faced off in a spirited debate that mixed politics and comedy (courtesy of Jon Stewart) in perfect measure.


VideoOct 2016

The Daily Show - Trump Gym

(1:55) Donald Trump's new fitness centres, guaranteed to turn you into a piece of shit.


VideoApr 2013

John Howard on how effective gun control is in Australia

(5:09) President of the Citizen's Defence League Philip VanCleav argues against gun control. Whoopty doo!


VideoMar 2019

Trevor Noah interview with Dutch historian Rutger Bregman

(13:03) How a knowledge of political history can help understand how many radical ideas are not that radical.

VideoApr 2013

John Oliver investigates gun control in Australia

(6:25) Comedian John Oliver goes to Australia to see how they got gun control legislation through in 1996.


VideoMay 2017

The Daily Show - Fox News reacts to Trump's threats against Comey

(4:25) Fox News hosts defend President Trump with every fibre of their intellect.

VideoAug 2006

Rick Santorum on the Daily Show

Pennsylvania Republican discusses family

VideoNov 2010

Jon Stewart's speech at the Rally To Restore Sanity

Sanity is in the eye of the beholder. Daily Show's John Stewart pleas for perspective. Whichever way you think, make it count and vote.

VideoMar 2017

The Daily Show - Ain't nobody got time for that

(6:01) Trevor Noah runs through the headlines he has no time to cover.