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95%VideoOct 2013

Malala Yousafzai on how to treat the Taliban

(1:58) Malala Yousafzai tells Jon Stewart what she would do if the Taliban came to kill her.


94%VideoOct 2014

Jon Stewart attacks Crossfire on Crossfire (2004)

(14:14) In October 2004, Daily Show host Jon Stewart appeared on CNN's first outing of current affairs program 'Crossfire', to criticise the show for hurting America.

94%VideoJan 2017

Trevor Noah processes Donald Trump's press conference

(8:11) Donald Trump's first press conference as president-elect was a spectacle indeed.

94%VideoMar 2018

Donald Trump is coming for your guns

(4:40) Un predictable Donald Trump confused law makers when he turned against his own party to support the Democrat's vision of gun control.


94%VideoMay 2016

The Daily Show - Donald Trump and the NRA

(9:01) After the NRA endorses Donald Trump, Trevor Noah looks at the political evolution of the gun rights organisation.

93%VideoSep 2015

The Daily Show - Trevor Noah continues the war on bullshit

(11:11) South African comedian Trevor Noah takes over from Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show.


92%VideoJul 2014

Jon Stewart - Warnings in Israel and Gaza

(2:34) July 14, 2014: Jon Stewart looks at the warning systems employed in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.


90%VideoSep 2010

Young Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin (1997)

Conversation between two great communicators, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart and the great late George Carlin, talking around different aspects of 'life'


90%VideoNov 2016

Jon Stewart's Twitter fight with Trump

(5:14) Jon Stewart's comic demolition of Donald Trump at Stand up for Heroes.

88%VideoNov 2010

John Stewart destroys Bill Kristol over government run health care

American conservative political analyst Bill Kristol slips up when he admits that the US military has the best health care (run by the government) and suggests that the American public don't deserve the same standards. From an interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (2009).