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ShopDec 2013

Lumen Smart Bulb

Brighten up with the Lumen app-controlled smart bulb that can do almost everything.


ShopNov 2013

Duo Pinball controller for iPad

For all you pinball wizards. The Duo Pinball features flipper buttons, spring-loaded plunger and touch screen tilt to make iPad pinball games almost like the real thing.

ShopFeb 2012

ION Piano Apprentice

Learn piano with ION's Piano Apprentice. Connect your iPad, iPod or iPhone, download the free Piano Apprentice app, and start playing.


ShopMay 2011

King and Queen

Salt and pepper mills.

ShopSep 2011

WiFi Bathroom Scales

One small step for fitness fan. Ultra sleek, tempered-glass and aluminium gizmo automatically records your weight, fat mass and BMI (body mass index) every time you step on it.

ShopAug 2011

Sudoku loo roll

Don't flush away your time

ShopFeb 2011

Stylophone Beatbox

B-boom thwack skweeal! Brett Domino demonstrates the Stylophone Beatbox.

ShopDec 2011

Bat Mirror

Holy hidden logo!


ShopJan 2012

My Scratch Map

For the cosmopolitan globe trotter, scratch off where you've been, go to where you haven't scratched.


ShopFeb 2012

Three Guns Flower Vase

Flower power on your coffee table. This white ceramic pistol-packin' vase means stylish business, but in this case, the pieces fire flowers, not bullets.