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94%AnimationMay 2010

David Cameron's Common People

Anti-Tory comment using Pulp's hit Common People


90%VideoMay 2010

John Cleese on proportional representation (1987)

(9:43) PR advocate explains why he thinks PR is the way to go.


90%VideoApr 2010

What is a hung parliament?

Professor Robert Hazell, Director of the Constitution Unit in UCL's School of Political Science, explains what a hung parliament would mean for the UK


89%AnimationMay 2010

Gordon Brown's Bigotgate reported by Taiwanese newspaper

Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily follow the UK 2010 elections. Gordon Brown's meeting with Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy seemed to go just fine until a rogue microphone picked up the PM's private thoughts.


88%VideoMay 2010

Emotional goodbye from Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown resigns, May 2010. I wonder how history will remember him. Responsible for the world's worst recession since the thirties, or the man who saved the world by getting them together in time of need. Or perhaps it's only his winning smile that will remain etched in our memories.


86%PictureMar 2010

Labour bloggers create

A selection of the spoof election posters now showing at myDavidCameron. Labour supporters are invited to contribute.


86%VideoApr 2010

Nick Clegg: Take a chance on real change

It may be just the beginning but something exciting is happening, claims Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. Everyone promises change but is Clegg's more promising? After all, the last time the Liberals were in power was 95 years ago.


86%VideoApr 2010

UK election 2010 - Immigration

The three leaders of the main parties explain their immigration policies in a nutshell. Kicking off with David Cameron for the Conservatives.


83%VideoApr 2010

Gordon Brown calls a Labour supporter a bigoted woman

The enemy of any public figure, the open and forgotten microphone, this time caught out Gordon Brown. This story has swamped British news, but does it really deserve to? After all, it seems obvious he thought the woman said, 'where are they fucking from?', not what she actually said, 'where are they flocking from?'. Isn't that why he called her a bigoted woman? End of story.


77%PictureApr 2010

Gordon Brown, Labour leader

The funny side of Gordon Brown. Life in the public eye can be so unfair.