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VideoAug 2008

Honest conversation between driver and mechanic

Comedy Central stretch the imagination


Unefon VideoSep 2005

Gents conversation

Heart-to-heart between strangers

VideoFeb 2007

Keith Richards and Hunter S Thomson in conversation

Rolling Stone meets Gonzo writer

VideoJul 2012

Man gives running commentary on an approaching tornado

(1:54) Calm and collected, comforting his wife, wary of an impending disaster that could unfold.


VideoJul 2012

Conversation with my 12-year-old self

(3:47) Jeremiah made a video when he was 12, of his part in a conversation with an older him. 20 years later, that older him completed the video.


VideoSep 2012

Conversation with an undercover police officer

(3:12) Pure class conversation with undercover police who were photographing peaceful demonstrators at a 'Shell to Sea' protest in Ireland.


VideoJul 2014

The Kloons - Sisters

(1:49) Two guys lip sync two old women in conversation.

PictureApr 2016

Father tweets conversations he has with his daughters

(19 pics) James Breakwell tweets hilarious interactions between him and his daughters, who are all under the age of six.


VideoJul 2013

Conversation with Afghan child as she gathers vegetables

(3:15) Chance encounter with Raoshan as she gathers vegetables for the family meal.


VideoNov 2013

YouTube comment reconstruction - GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

(3:02) On October 8, 2013, YouTubers 'Latinsha Duke' and 'MIKEFUCKINGWINS23' had a conversation on the video 'GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten'.