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88%PictureApr 2016

Father tweets conversations he has with his daughters

(19 pics) James Breakwell tweets hilarious interactions between him and his daughters, who are all under the age of six.


88%VideoFeb 2017

Ricky Gervais, Jim Norton and Sam Roberts discuss politics and Trump

(4:18) Winning is more important than being right.

88%VideoMar 2017

A rabbi, a priest and an atheist smoke weed together

(8:04) Weed oils the cogs of the mind when a rabbi, a priest and an atheist get stoned together.

88%VideoJun 2017

Two robots argue



88%VideoJun 2017

Elon Musk explains fusion

(2:42) When Elon Musk and entrepreneur Sam Altman sat down to discuss the future.

88%VideoJul 2017

Richard Dawkins vs Satish Kumar: Does a rock have a spirit?

(37:40) Fascinating conversation between evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and Indian philosopher and activist Satish Kumar about spirituality.


88%VideoApr 2018

A conversation with Elon Musk - The future of humanity

(12:20) What's the future you want?

87%VideoSep 2011

Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis

(18:38) Karl Pilkington meets Warwick Davis for the first time and a chat develops


87%VideoJul 2014

The Kloons - Sisters

(1:49) Two guys lip sync two old women in conversation.

87%VideoJan 2016

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Seinfeld meets Obama

(19:15) President Obama was Jerry Seinfeld's guest on his online talk show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee".