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94%VideoFeb 2014

The Edge (1997) - What one man can do, another can do

(0:47) Motivational scene from action/adventure movie The Edge, starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.


92%PictureMar 2010

Celebrities and their kids (1 of 2)

Jim Carey and daughter Jane


88%VideoMay 2007

Glengarry Glen Ross - Sales pep talk

Angry Alec Baldwin spells out the ABCs of selling

88%VideoOct 2015

SNL - Democratic Presidential Debate

(10:22) Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee and Martin O'Malley face off at the Democratic Presidential Debate.

88%VideoFeb 2017

The People's Court - President Trump vs Ninth Circuit Judges

(4:53) SNL skit from The People's Court.

87%VideoFeb 2017

SNL - Donald Trump and Steve Bannon in the Oval Office

(6:32) Under the encouragement of Steve Bannon, President Trump calls his counterparts around the world.

87%VideoFeb 2017

Alec Baldwin on playing Trump

(3:03) While preparing his 17th appearance on Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin talks about his role playing Donald Trump.

87%VideoMay 2017

SNL - Lester Holt interview with Donald Trump

(5:21) President Trump (Alec Baldwin) discusses firing FBI director James Comey in an interview with Lester Holt.


86%VideoApr 2007

Malice - I am God

Does Alec Baldwin have a God complex?

86%VideoOct 2011

Alec Baldwin at Occupy Wall Street

When American actor Alec Baldwin showed up at Occupy Wall Street, he was asked, as anyone in the public eye would be, what he thought of the Federal Reserve, the central bank for the United States, the equivalent of the UK's Bank of England. Good to see he refrains from giving his opinion because he felt uninformed.