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VideoMar 2020

Birds Aren't Real, campaign to expose government surveillance program

(4:01) Interview with "Birds Aren't Real" movement member, Peter McIndoe.


VideoJan 2013

TYT - The future is drones

(6:17) Round-the-clock drone surveillance of the public, with the occasional strike, could be the norm in the foreseeable future.


VideoMar 2010

Drone controllers at work

'Pilots' in Nevada fly drones thousands of miles away in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is modern warfare.


VideoNov 2019

Dazzling drone display, China

(1:34) 800 LED-equipped drones lift off from the T-Motors headquarters in Nanchang City, China.


VideoMay 2012

Welcome to The Drone Age

(8:25) Director of Reprieve Clive Stafford Smith discusses the world we are very quickly entering, the world of drones.

VideoSep 2015

Building a rope bridge with drones

(3:26) 2 quadcopters work together to build a rope bridge at the ETH Zurich Flying Machine Arena.


VideoAug 2010

Remote controlled drone with onboard eyes opens up new worlds

AR Drone is the world's first wi-fi quadricopter controlled by an iPhone or iPod Touch. Tantalisingly within reach. Pre-order now.

VideoMay 2016

Cat Copter takes to the skies

(2:39) And dead cats might fly? Dutch artist Bart Jansen has stuffed new life into his dead cat Orville.


VideoApr 2014

Costa Concordia wreckage by drone

(7:10) January 2014: Drone's eye view of the Costa Concordia wrecked off Giglio Island in Italy.


VideoJan 2015

New Year's Eve in Metairie, Louisiana

(4:06) Drone view of the residents of Metairie in Louisiana welcoming the arrival of 2015.