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VideoOct 2013

Mission RS, electric superbike

(13:09) What if electric could finally out run gas.


VideoJun 2014

Zero MX, the new sound of motocross

(6:00) Compilation of Zero MX electric motorbikes in action.


VideoJun 2014

Formula E lap of Donington Park

(1:46) No need to adjust your speakers. This is how Formula E sounds.

VideoJul 2015

Solar Impulse - Japan to Hawaii on sun power alone

(1:55) Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aeroplane project completes the longest leg of its ongoing trip around the world.

VideoJan 2016

Faraday Future's electric hypercar of the future

(3:03) Mysterious Chinese-backed electric supercar manufacturer Faraday Future unveiled its stunning concept supercar.

VideoFeb 2020

Will Tesla build an electric plane?

(3:31) Discussing the possibility of Tesla building an electric/VTOL plane with Elon Musk.


VideoAug 2019

Answers With Joe | Why electric motors are better

(10:52) How electric motors work, and why they are so much better than internal combustion engines.

VideoJun 2010

Zerotracer electric motorcycle, first test drive

Fully-enclosed, all-electric Swiss motorbike. Sporting a tandem seat enclosed in a Kevlar monocoque body (F1 style), with a range of 450 km (280 miles) on a single charge, a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) and nought-to-sixty in 4.5 seconds. The Zerotracer will take part in the first-ever 'Around the World in 80 Days' electric vehicle race. www.zerotracer.com


VideoJun 2014

Lit Motors, the bike that never falls

(1:21) San Francisco-based start-up Lit Motors plans its first production run of electric, gyroscopically stabilised two-wheelers.


VideoMay 2016

VanMoof, the Tesla of bicycles

(5:34) Smart and unstealable, two new bikes offered by high-tech Dutch bicycle company VanMoof.