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88%VideoJun 2012

eROCKIT, bicycle or motorbike?

(6:23) Interesting electric bike designed by Stefan Gulas.


88%VideoAug 2012

Electric car sets Nurburgring lap record

(8:23) Markus Winkelhock, driving an electric Audi R8 e-tron, set a world record for a lap on the world's toughest test track, the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


88%VideoMay 2013

Turbo-electric propulsion, a new idea for revolutionary aircraft

(5:13) Quiet and efficient turbo-electric aircraft may create new air travel opportunities.


88%VideoMay 2013

Electric plane flies high over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

(2:40) Solar Impulse is a Swiss long-range solar powered aircraft project, that eventually hopes to achieve the first circumnavigation of the Earth by a piloted fixed-wing aircraft using only solar power.


88%VideoJul 2013

Onboard an electric bike on the Isle of Man TT Zero Race 2013

(3:03) 20 time TT winner John McGuinness rides the Mugen Shinden Ni electric motorbike on the Isle of Man TT mountain course.


88%VideoSep 2013

Greyp - A bicycle when you want it, a motorcycle when you need it

(2:05) Top speed is 65 km/h, range is up to 120 km and full re-charge in 80 minutes. What is there not to like?


88%VideoNov 2013

FlyKly Smart Wheel Kickstarter project

(5:13) Very smart pedal assist that fits on almost any bicycle.


88%VideoApr 2015

Mercedes show how we'll drive in 2030

(3:41) On a disused airstrip in San Francisco, Mercedes-Benz demonstrate their incredible 'Luxury In Motion' research vehicle, the F 105.


88%VideoJun 2015

Gogoro's smartscooter of the future

(4:16) Taiwanese startup Gogoro show off their beautiful and innovative electric scooter, perfect for the densely populated cities of south-east Asia.

88%VideoJul 2015

Solar Impulse - Japan to Hawaii on sun power alone

(1:55) Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aeroplane project completes the longest leg of its ongoing trip around the world.