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VideoApr 2020

Tesla's virtual power plants, to be deployed worldwide

(8:22) Tesla is no longer a car company, it is an energy business hell bent on electrifying the planet.


VideoMar 2010

World's largest solar-powered boat

Unveiling PlanetSolar, German designed 40m solar-powered catamaran of the future. It can reach speeds up to 15 mph, so hold on tight for the ride of your life!

VideoJul 2015

Solar Impulse - Japan to Hawaii on sun power alone

(1:55) Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aeroplane project completes the longest leg of its ongoing trip around the world.

VideoMar 2012

Melting rock with sunshine

(1:44) Jem Stansfield travels to the Solar Furnace Research Facility in southern France to witness the incredible power of concentrated sunlight.


PictureDec 2009

Solarpark Lieberose, the world's 2nd largest solar plant

Situated near Berlin, Germany, its surface area is equivalent to 200 football fields. It produces 53 megawatts of electrical power, enough to power 15,000 homes. Built on a former Russian army base that was contaminated with ammunition and dangerous chemicals, the solar plant will pay for the clean up as well as producing clean energy.


VideoDec 2010

Solar energy cheaper than coal

Harnessing Utah's sun to produce energy that is a truly practical alternative to burning coal. Cheaper and clean, but until the technical problem of massive energy storage (batteries) is solved, we will still need 'controllable' energy sources such as burning fuels (coal, oil, gas, nuclear) to cope with peaks in energy demand.


VideoFeb 2011

The Challenge of Solar Power

Can the sun solve the world's energy needs? The world's first commercial solar tower plant gives a breathtaking glimpse of the future of solar power generation.


VideoMay 2014

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways

(7:00) It's the roadway of the future.


VideoDec 2015

US town fear solar panels suck up all the sun's energy

(1:13) Some residents of Woodland, North Carolina objected to a solar farm fearing it would suck up the sun's energy.


VideoFeb 2019

Fully Charged | Fastned EV charging network

(16:27) Fastned charging stations are opening soon in Newcastle and Sunderland in the UK.