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88%VideoMay 2015

World's first solar powered bike lane

(1:17) Cycling gets even greener.


88%VideoJul 2015

Solar Impulse - Japan to Hawaii on sun power alone

(1:55) Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aeroplane project completes the longest leg of its ongoing trip around the world.

88%VideoFeb 2016

The dirty war to stop solar power

(6:56) Brendan Fischer joins Thom Hartmann to discuss how the wealthy elite are trying to prevent the growth of rooftop solar power.

88%VideoJul 2016

Life on board Solar Impulse 2

(5:04) Solar Impulse is a Swiss project to realise long-range solar powered aircraft.


88%VideoAug 2016

Solar Frontiers

(13:23) The story of the solar pioneers, and the technology they hope will shape the future.

88%VideoOct 2016

Elon Musk on the stupidity of fossil fuel dependence

(14:32) 15 minute talk by Elon Musk on our energy needs in a future of climate change.

88%VideoMar 2017

Elon Musk offers solution for South Australia's power problem

(2:25) And if it takes longer than 100 days, it's free.

88%VideoJul 2017

Thunderf00t busts Trump's solar wall idea

(23:16) Even dumber than Solar Roadways?

88%VideoAug 2017

Answers With Joe - Solar vs Wind

(11:31) Of all renewable energy sources, solar and wind are the most talked about with the most potential.

88%VideoNov 2017

Ramez Naam - Exponential Energy

(38:09) Technologist and science fiction writer Ramez Naam talks about the disruptive power of wind and solar worldwide.