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VideoApr 2010

Five Minutes With - Professor Brian Cox

Particle physicist and former pop star Brian Cox answers rapid fire questions from Matthew Stadlen in exactly five minutes. Stuff he skims over include the LHC, his science heroes, his taste in music, and the Big Bang.


AnimationAug 2013

Science, religion, and the horribly named "Big Bang"

(5:20) Did the universe have a beginning? MinutePhysics clip on how it all began.


VideoMar 2014

Veritasium - Evidence of cosmic inflation

(10:42) How did the Big Bang bang?


VideoDec 2018

Big Think | Michelle Thaller | Where did the Big Bang happen?

(4:09) The Big Band wasn't an explosion. Astronomer Michelle Thaller explains how to visualise it.

VideoDec 2010

What happened before the Big Bang?

Did the universe suddenly appear out of nothing? Or maybe it's always existed. Carl Sagan points out that whatever the truth, relying on God as an answer serves no purpose except to avoid the difficult questions.


AnimationJul 2012

The oldest light in the universe

(4:01) MinutePhysics explains how everything in the universe materialised, according to current theory. It has always amazed me how scientists figure this stuff out, and all via the medium of maths!


VideoMar 2014

DNews - How we know the Big Bang actually happened

(5:20) March 2014: Astronomers announced that they have directly observed gravitational waves from a telescope near the South Pole. Dr Ian O'Neill explains this new, groundbreaking finding.


VideoAug 2011

Neil deGrasse Tyson in defence of the Big Bang

(33:50) Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why scientists believe such a crazy idea - that the universe began in an explosion over 13 billion years ago.


VideoMar 2013

Bill Nye and the origin of everything

(4:47) Short conversation with Bill Nye the Science Guy, beginning at the beginning.


AnimationApr 2014

Royal Observatory Greenwich - How big is the universe?

(4:43) Since the Big Bang happened 13.8 billion years ago, does that mean the universe is 13.8 billion light years across?