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VideoJun 2018

Elon Musk: Having kids is a social duty

(3:33) Elon Musk has five sons (twins and triplets) through in vitro fertilisation with his first wife, Canadian author Justine Wilson.


VideoApr 2019

Bill Maher | Masturbate, don't procreate

(6:07) Bill Maher applauds young Americans for helping the planet by having less sex and fewer babies.


VideoJan 2020

David Attenborough | Fundamental source of all our problems is population growth

(2:22) Our growing human population is clearly one of the major drivers of catastrophic climate change.


VideoOct 2010

Global population for a sustainable and peaceful world

How many people can our planet support if we want a sustainable and peaceful world? This is one way of trying to estimate that. If he's right, then our problems today actually started when the world's population stood at around 100 million, which was around 500 BC!


VideoSep 2010

TED Talks - How to control global population growth

(10:16) Swedish Professor of International Health Hans Rosling puts forward a counter-intuitive argument, that decreasing child mortality rate by increasing living standards in the developing world, will reduce world population growth.


VideoApr 2010

Doug Stanhope - Abortion is green

Charlie Brooker's Newswipe - Fucking will go out of style according to US stand-up Doug Stanhope


VideoFeb 2013

Hans Rosling: The River of Myths

(2:51) In terms of child mortality and birth rate, the world has improved immensely over the last 50 years, much more than most people think.


VideoMar 2018

Living on the most densely populated island on Earth

(1:30) Two hours off the coast of Colombia lies Santa Cruz del Islote, an island that spans the length of 2 football fields.

VideoOct 2020

DDN | George Monbiot | Is the world really overpopulated?

(5:32) A story of the denial of our common humanity.


AnimationApr 2016

How many people can Earth support?

(2:46) Seven billion people currently inhabit a finite Earth. But with la growing population, what is the limit?