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VideoMar 2017

Katie Hopkins on Rinkeby, a no-go-zone in Stockholm, Sweden

(5:04) Journalist Katie Hopkins went to Stockholm's notorious Rinkeby area to talk to those who live there.


VideoOct 2008

Fox News - Bill O'Reilly interview (with live audience)

Neil Cavuto chats with O'Reilly Factor host. The addition of a 'laughter track' adds a whole new dimension.


VideoMar 2017

Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump

(6:31) Fox News and Donald Trump are having a public love affair, but it wasn't always that way.

VideoMar 2016

Thor Halvorssen discusses socialism on Fox

(3:48) Founder and president of Human Rights Foundation explains the nuances of socialism on Fox Business.


VideoAug 2018

When Fox News took a shot at Denmark

(2:01) Fox News host Trisha Regan compared Denmark with Venezuela. Big mistake.


VideoApr 2009

Obama's first 100 days according to Fox News

The conservative cable network's ratings have rocketed as they enjoy serving the voice of the opposition


VideoMay 2020

NowThis | How right-wing media brainwashed a dad

(4:57) It was like some alien took over his body.

VideoAug 2018

Jimmy Dore - Kyle Kulinski's appearance on Fox News

(20:33) Are the democrats too far left?

VideoJul 2014

Russel Brand discusses the Israel/Palestine conflict

(6:50) Russel Brand shares some thoughts on the complex issue of the Middle Eastern conflict, and examines some of the media coverage around it.


VideoJun 2020

Krystal Ball | Fox News caught faking CHAZ photos as protest propaganda collapses

(6:14) Krystal Ball blasts Fox News for photoshopping images from Seattle's CHAZ to scare viewers.