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VideoDec 2012

TYT - How did Australians deal with their mass shootings?

(4:35) After a shooting in 1996, Australians took decisive action to curb mass shootings by introducing draconian gun control. But did it work?


VideoJan 2013

TYT - The future is drones

(6:17) Round-the-clock drone surveillance of the public, with the occasional strike, could be the norm in the foreseeable future.


VideoMar 2020

TYT | Old people should be sacrificed to save US economy

(8:06) Fox News doubles down on killing old people.

VideoMay 2012

Should/can you invest in Facebook?

(4:05) The Young Turks discuss Facebook's share sale which values the company at a staggering $100 billion.

VideoMay 2010

TYT discuss Draw Muhammad Day protests

Young Turks Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian give their takes on the events that have unfolded after South Park's depiction of Muhammad as Santa Clause in a bear suit.


VideoMay 2016

TYT - Donald Trump's energy plan is insane

(14:54) Donald Trump advocates "energy independence", but what does that actually mean?


VideoSep 2013

TYT - John Kerry vs Rand Paul over the definition of war

(7:09) Is an attack on Syria going to war? The Young Turks discuss.


VideoFeb 2011

The Young Turks comments on Gaddafi's hot female bodyguards

Gaddafi does dictator the right way, like Austin Powers, only Austin Powers is Hollywood. And somehow Gaddafi reigned for over 40 years, the longest reigning non-royal leader in history.


VideoOct 2011

Republicans u-turn on Occupy Wall Street

(5:29) Ultimately, votes do count. Big shot Republicans including 2012 presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are changing their tune about Occupy Wall Street. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains.


VideoFeb 2012

Is there a sex crisis in Japan?

(4:12) A survey, conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association, found that 36% of males aged 16 to 19 said that they had no interest in, or even despised sex.