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94%VideoMay 2015

Van Gogh painting comes to life in 3D

(1:19) Take a trip into Van Gogh's 'Night Cafe', and explore the scene in 3D.

92%VideoJul 2012

Starry Night in dominos

(3:01) Amazing interpretation of Vincent van Gogh's 'The Starry Night'.

90%VideoMay 2013

Van Gogh Shadow

(3:06) Van Gogh's paintings come to life.

89%AnimationJan 2008

Van Gogh's many faces

Collection of self portraits set to Bach's Invention No. 4 in D Minor


88%AnimationJul 2008

Watch the World - Van Gogh comes to Second Life

Shot on location in Second Life then post-produced. By Robbie Dingo.


88%VideoMar 2016

Loving Vincent (taster)

(1:00) First trailer for ambitious feature-length animation that will tell the story of Vincent Van Gogh's troubled life.

86%VideoMay 2010

Vincent Van Gogh portrait in polo shirts

Japanese apparel maker Onward Kashiyama show that you can paint with anything. Staffers arrange 2,700 polo shirts in 24 colours into a low-res portrait of Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh. Job creation or art?

86%VideoJun 2016

Starry Night on Dark Water

(4:33) Van Gogh's Starry Night recreated by Garip Ay with marbling art technique on dark water.

85%VideoDec 2008

Iran's underground billion-dollar art gallery

(2:00) One of the finest collections of modern art anywhere in the world.

81%PictureAug 2006

Starry Night

LEGO mosaic of Van Gogh classic. The mosaic is made completely from LEGO bricks and measures 45" (144 studs) wide by 36" (116 studs) tall. It took several months and approximately 10.000 bricks to complete. 2001