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92%VideoDec 2012

Lopez Funeral Services

(1:08) Way to go in Jutiapa, Guatemala.


90%VideoOct 2009

Excitable Dutch tourists celebrate a volcano eruption

Santiaguito Volcano, Guatemala (Central America)


87%VideoOct 2017

River of plastic waste runs through Guatemala


87%VideoJun 2018

How the Hawaii and Guatemala volcanoes differ

(2:20) Two devastating but geologically very different volcanos are currently erupting - Kilauea in Hawaii and Volcan de Fuego in Guatemala.

86%VideoMay 2011

Teacher calms kindergarten kids during gunfight

Estanzuela in Guatemala, a kindergarten teacher calms her class while a gunfight between drug dealers carries on outside


86%VideoJun 2018

El Rodeo, victim of Guatemala's Volcano of Fire

(1:00) Drone footage shows the lifeless town of El Rodeo, drowned in volcanic ash.


85%VideoJun 2010

Guatemala sinkholes, 2010 and 2007

A three-story building in northern Guatemala City fell into a giant sinkhole created by tropical storm Agatha, the first tropical storm of the 2010 season. This also happened in 2007, as the next video shows.