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97%VideoDec 2012

GravityLight, lighting for developing countries

(2:26) Brilliantly simple idea, light powered by gravity.


96%VideoAug 2014

David Keith: Should we look at geoengineering the climate?

(16:04) Canadian environmental scientist David Keith proposes a cheap and immediately effective means to address climate change.


95%VideoOct 2011

Justin Hall-Tipping - Freeing energy from the grid

(12:46) The power plant of tomorrow is... no power plant. If we had exquisite control over the essence of energy, the electron, we could generate the energy we need from where we are.

95%VideoMay 2014

Water wheel cleans up harbour


95%VideoAug 2013

Solar Roadways 2

(3:39) Scott and Julie Brusaw are developing smart solar power road surfaces that could provide the world with all the power it needs.


94%VideoAug 2010

Solar Roadways

(4:38) The road ahead, so brilliant and so obvious once you know. The Solar Roadways project is working to pave roads with smart solar panels you can drive on.


94%AnimationJan 2013

Futuristic Dutch highways will glow in the dark

(0:59) Road to the future, set to be installed in the Netherlands by mid 2013.


94%VideoApr 2015

New bendable aluminium battery with a bright future

94%VideoOct 2015

Denmark aims for 100% independence from fossil fuels

(17:24) Denmark is developing a 100% fossil-free energy system called Smart Energy Systems, that will provide all the nation's energy needs for electricity, heating and transport at a national level.


94%VideoMar 2013

How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change

(22:20) Zimbabwean biologist and environmentalist Allan Savory describes what is happening to about two-thirds of the world's grasslands, desertification, when land turns to desert.