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VideoNov 2019

Is this a long term solution to the world's plastic problem?

(3:17) Scottish company MacRebur have invented a way to recycle plastic waste into roads.

VideoJan 2020

Sam Chui | KLM, making air travel as sustainable as possible

(17:13) Travel blogger Sam Chui visits Dutch carrier KLM to see their work on making air travel more sustainable.

VideoFeb 2020

It's Okay To Be Smart | Can trees really fight climate change?

(11:07) For eons, nature has relied on photosynthesis as a big way to keep carbon dioxide levels from getting out of control.

VideoOct 2010

Floating houses made from packaging pollution

Studio Noach use packaging pollution to advantage by recycling polystyrene into GreenRexwall, a buoyant material stronger than steel, ideal for building purposes. Studio Noach are Michel Kreuger, Anne Holtrop and Patrick Blanc.


VideoDec 2010

Solar energy cheaper than coal

Harnessing Utah's sun to produce energy that is a truly practical alternative to burning coal. Cheaper and clean, but until the technical problem of massive energy storage (batteries) is solved, we will still need 'controllable' energy sources such as burning fuels (coal, oil, gas, nuclear) to cope with peaks in energy demand.


VideoMay 2014

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways

(7:00) It's the roadway of the future.


VideoMay 2016

Are electric cars charging into a wireless future?

(3:15) Technology company Qualcomm may revolutionise the way electric cars are charged making the "refeulling" process an activity of the past.


AnimationAug 2019

Gravitricity | Versatile, long-life energy storage

(2:44) Using gravity to store electricity from renewable power sources.

VideoDec 2019

Just Have a Think | Could there ever be a sustainable aviation industry?

(12:06) Is liquid hydrogen the path to a carbon-free flying future?

VideoDec 2012

GravityLight, lighting for developing countries

(2:26) Brilliantly simple idea, light powered by gravity.