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VideoMar 2011

CNN explains the Fukushima nuclear reactor problem

Three safety systems that all failed, and a tsunami more powerful than expected. CNN describes what happened.


VideoDec 2010

Nuclear fusion, or creating the sun on Earth

Can we make a star on Earth? The world's most powerful laser (500 trillion watts) at the National Ignition Facility in California, is on the brink of igniting a star. Physicist Brian Cox gets a guided tour at the facility. 2011 could be a bright year.

VideoApr 2011

Fukushima disaster convinces George Monbiot to support nuclear power

(13:02) Before 2009, the totally dedicated environmental activist George Monbiot was opposed to nuclear power. After 2009 he took a neutral stance, but the Fukushima disaster has persuaded him to back nuclear. What's going on? George Monbiot defends his position.


VideoSep 2012

Romney's energy policy inspired by Hitler!

(1:04) Tact, something an American president should have in abundance, is certainly lacking in Mitt Romney.


VideoApr 2014

ITER - Fusion is the future

(5:32) ITER is an international scientific project comprising of 35 nations, to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion energy.

VideoJun 2014

How nuclear power makes electricity

(3:53) Succinctly explained by Jem Stansfield on BBC's science program 'Bang Goes The Theory'.

VideoMay 2015

Believe it or not, Chernobyl fox makes five-decker sandwich

(1:12) Friendly and well-mannered Chernobyl fox prepares lunch.


VideoApr 2017

Wind, nukes and oil

(8:53) News from the world of renewables.

VideoMay 2019

Making Fukushima safe

(3:39) Where to put move a mountain of radioactive soil.

VideoJun 2019

France's nuclear waste dump for eternity

(8:27) France has found a €25 billion solution to the unanswerable question of what to do with its high-level nuclear waste - bury it deep underground.