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PictureJul 2007

National Geographic Magazine's 'Singles Map'

Distribution of single females and males across the USA


VideoDec 2010

30 years of BAD pictures

Highlights from photographer Bruce Dale spanning 30 years with National Geographic. Memorable briefs include the hologram cover for National Geographic's 100th anniversary edition, and mounting a camera on the tail of an airliner for in-flight photographs.


VideoOct 2016

Why should we go to Mars?

(3:09) Because we haven't done it before.

VideoAug 2010

The flexible octopus, formerly know as Devil Fish

Make no bones about it, an octopus can shape-shift itself through the smallest of passageways. Amazing flexibility from National Geographic.


VideoAug 2007

Arctic Abyss

Space-like atmosphere in the depths under the ice

VideoMay 2008

Frog-eating spider

National Geographic explore the menu of this African arachnid


VideoApr 2009

National Geographic - Jellyfish Invasion

The Aboriginal Irukandji tribe speak of a mysterious presence in the waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Tiny, virtually invisible and lethal, it tortures with unthinkable pain. Today it bears the tribe's name - Irukandji Syndrome.

VideoJun 2009

Oceans, the source of life

Our oceans occupy over 2/3 of the planets surface and provide a home for most of the creatures on Earth

VideoJul 2009

Predicting solar storms

Scientists use data to create models of solar storms - violent, dangerous, and more powerful than anything on Earth.

VideoJul 2009

Tsunami, from birth to destruction

How a tsunami wave develops. By National Geographic.