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99%VideoDec 2011

My fees are hella high!

(4:27) 'Hella high' UC Davis student protests that the protests were not about keeping education public, as they were supposed to have been. Instead, the issue became police brutality, and the rest is history.


97%VideoFeb 2012

David Mitchell's top five rants

(5:38) What David Mitchell is best at, pointing out the obvious to hilarious effect.


97%VideoJan 2012

Rationalism breeds atheism

(10:00) The more scientifically literate, intellectually honest and objectively sceptical a person is, the more likely they are to disbelieve in anything supernatural, including god. This is a compilation of some such individuals with their thoughts on the divine.


96%VideoSep 2011

Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul being booed for his 9/11 analysis

(5:16) Author of "9/11: Was There An Alternative?" Noam Chomsky responded to Ron Paul's comments by saying, "I think what he said is completely uncontroversial. You can read it in government documents...". Ron Paul criticised US foreign policy as the catalyst for the 9/11 attrocities during the Republican presidential debates.


96%VideoNov 2011

Police Captain Ray Lewis supports the Occupy movement

(5:19) Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis gives some advice to the occupiers and is quickly becoming one of the more iconic figures from the Occupy movement.

96%VideoJul 2012

Kevin Smith on how he takes criticism

(9:15) American director, actor, comedian and popular comic book writer Kevin Smith, gives his opinion on movie criticism.


95%VideoSep 2011

Derren Brown - Intelligent design?

(5:01) British illusionist, magician and sceptic Derren Brown talks about the illusion of design in nature. It's interesting how many magicians are atheists. Is it because they know how easy it is for people to be duped?


95%VideoNov 2011

Dan Barker: Christians are morally compromised

American atheist activist Dan Barker proves with a simple audience participation experiment, that Christians are morally compromised because of their religion. Excerpt from 2011 debate with Christian apologist Dinesh D'Souza.


95%VideoFeb 2012

US General Dempsey: Iran is a rational actor

(16:10) Discussion on the Real News with award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal about the US attitude towards Iran and Israel's threat to strike.


94%VideoNov 2011

Wall Street is Washington, Washington is Wall Street

(6:35) American trend forecaster Gerald Celente analyses Occupy Wall Street, and finds it's a story he predicted in his 1997 book 'Trends 2000'.