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96%VideoAug 2012

TYT - Equador grants asylum to Julian Assange

(6:55) WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was granted political asylum by Ecuador setting up a stand off with the British government, which has vowed to block his exit from the country.


94%VideoAug 2012

TYT - UK warns Ecuadorian embassy may be raided if Julian Assange is sheltered

(3:37) Ecuador's president Rafael Correa is about to decide whether Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will be allowed to remain in the Equadorian embassy in London.


89%AnimationAug 2010

Active night sky over Cotopaxi volcano, Equador

The night sky is far from dark and empty. As the clouds dissipate, a sky packed with stars appears to rotate around the volcano's peak. 600 light years away in our Milky Way, the Coalsack Dark Nebula and the Southern Cross (the light and dark band of stars) are clearly visible. Satellites streak by from several directions. When thin clouds are overhead, the brightest stars twinkle. Lights of climbers flash on the volcano side (starting around 1:13). Time-lapse movie by Stephane Guisard.


88%VideoSep 2013

Trippy juggling street entertainer in Equador

(0:44) Street performer entertains on the way to the airport in Quito, Ecuador.

87%VideoOct 2016

Secular Talk - Ecuador cuts Julian Assange's internet

(6:20) Something's afoot.