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AnimationJun 2012

How does the Internet work?

(3:22) What actually happens when you visit a web page? World Science Festival created this clip to show you how that beautiful web page you sought ends up on your screen.


AnimationApr 2016

How does an aeroplane fly?

(6:20) Great whiteboard tutorial on how a plane weighing over 350 tons can lift into the air for 13,000 miles without stopping.


VideoSep 2013

How deadly nerve agent sarin gas works

(3:03) Invisible and odourless, the deadly nerve agent sarin gas leaves no visible marks on its victim.


VideoJan 2011

Cherry picking in Sodus, New York

Where brain and brawn meet. Simple and effective.


VideoMar 2009

Google Street View, how it works

Feature of Google Maps that allows you to view and navigate high-resolution, 360 degree street level images of various cities around the world

VideoOct 2009

How superconducting levitation works

VideoNov 2010

Quantitative Easing

Senior editor Paddy Hirsch at MarketPlace explains what quantitative easing is and how it works


VideoOct 2011

Insects' sticky feet

(6:18) Ants have incredibly sticky feet. With them they can hang onto ceilings, while carrying 100 times their body weight. But if they are stuck down so successfully, how do they ever get them unstuck so they can walk? Zoologist Chris Clemente investigates.


AnimationDec 2011

The Crisis of Credit, visualised

(11:10) What is the credit crisis? Short and simple explanation of what got us into this crisis of credit mess, by Jonathan Jarvis.


AnimationMay 2012

Measuring the Universe

(4:16) Video from free exhibition at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, to mark the 'transit of Venus'.