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AnimationDec 2018

Kurzgesagt | Aliens under the ice

(8:24) Could there be life under the ice on rogue planets?

VideoJul 2019

Sixty Symbols | The challenge of travelling between planets

(16:21) Astronomer Meghan Gray explains how we hop between planets which are all orbiting at different rates around the sun.

VideoJul 2012

Voyager leaves the Solar System

(7:42) 70s state-of-the-art technology is the furthest man-made object.

VideoNov 2013

13 facts about space that will make your head explode

(3:41) Cracked collection of head exploding facts about the stars in the universe, including our very own sun.


VideoNov 2010

Comets - Remnants of the beginning

The most spectacular thing in the sky and important because they are the left over bits from when the solar system formed. Being frozen they preserve their history quite well.


VideoApr 2013

The Known Universe

(6:31) Stunning journey through the known universe as mapped through astronomical observations.


VideoSep 2015

To Scale: The Solar System

(7:07) On a dry lake bed in Nevada, is the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a true illustration of our place in the universe.


AnimationMay 2017

How did you get here?

(5:55) Going way back in history to figure out how you got here.

AnimationSep 2010

30 years of asteroid discoveries 1980 - 2010

View of the solar system showing the locations of all asteroids discovered since 1980. As asteroids are discovered they are added to the map and highlighted white so you can pick out the new ones. Earth crossers are red. Earth approachers (perihelion less than 1.3AU) are yellow. All others are green. Video created by Scott Manley. More description:


VideoDec 2012

When the Moon ate Jupiter on Christmas Day

(1:43) Lunar occultation of Jupiter, 25 December 2012. Our solar system's largest planet Jupiter is masked by the Moon, as seen from Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.