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98%VideoFeb 2014

Abby Martin comments on Kevin O'Leary's view of poverty

(3:41) Abby Martin comments on one-percenter Kevin O'Leary's celebration of the widening wealth gap.


95%VideoOct 2011

Anonymous - The bankers ARE the problem

(8:15) Firm message from Anonymous concerning Occupy Wall Street and the bankers. Next video shows bankers mocking Occupy Wall Street protesters as they march below.


95%VideoMay 2012

Nick Hanauer's banned TEDTalk supporting higher taxes for the rich

(5:50) American entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer argues that the idea that "higher taxes on the rich will result in less jobs" is simply wrong.


95%VideoAug 2011

Warren Buffett is a socialist, according to Fox News

Former Bear Stearns chairman Ace Greenberg agrees with Warren Buffett and argues the rich should pay more tax. But Fox News business anchor Neil Cavuto meekly disagrees. Young Turk Cenk Uygur also makes the important distinction between the rich, and the greedy rich.


94%VideoAug 2015

Bill Maher: The Sick Culture of Wealth

(6:41) Bill Maher calls out rich Americans for taking selfishness to a whole new level.

94%VideoDec 2014

Millionaire vs Fox on whether rich should pay higher taxes

(10:23) Fox host Stuart Varney's interview from 2012 with 'Patriotic Millionaire' Eric Schoenberg who is pushing for the rich to pay higher taxes.

94%AnimationMar 2013

Wealth inequality in America

(6:24) Reality is often not what we think it is.


94%VideoDec 2011

Interview with a one percenter

Killer question from a one percenter - have you ever heard of anyone great who's come out of the 99%? Answers below please.


94%VideoMay 2019

Robert Reich | Why we need a wealth tax

(3:51) The difference between income and wealth taxes, and why taxing wealth is needed to reduce inequality.


93%VideoMar 2019

Anand Giridharadas | The absurdity of billionaires

(6:31) American writer and journalist Anand Giridharadas discusses America's narrative around billionaires.