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VideoJun 2019

The Hairy Frogfish, fastest bite in the animal kingdom

(1:29) It's so fast that even slow-motion video struggles to capture it.

VideoAug 2013

How a snail eats

(1:16) Snails in New Zealand are big, mean and carnivorous.


VideoSep 2013

Cute monkey shares his food


VideoDec 2010

Raven feeding from a train

Friendly train driver feeds a passing raven. I think they've done this before.


VideoOct 2011

Every squirrel's dream

Squirrel in heaven. Let's hope he can still get out once he's finished.


VideoFeb 2012

The cat who came to dinner

(0:38) For a cat who can sign and be cute, dinner is always assured.


VideoJun 2012

Sharks gorge on beached whale carcass

(3:49) Sharks having the time of their lives at a secluded beach on Warroora's Ningaloo reef in Australia.


VideoAug 2012

Shark vs seal in super slow motion

(4:03) Dramatic high-speed footage of a great white shark taking a power lunch.


VideoOct 2012

Baby squirrel chews an iNut

(1:10) A baby squirrel learns that not all nuts are equal.

VideoApr 2013

Barn owl attack in slow motion

(6:08) Slow motion camera set up to capture an owl strike in action.