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94%VideoJan 2012

Sean Kinkade Park Hawk ornithopter

(2:04) An ornithopter is a machine that flies like a bird, ie. it flaps its wings. This is an original Sean Kinkade Park Hawk ornithopter. It was hanging from the roof of a local hobby shop until Robert spotted it.


87%VideoMar 2012

Flying like a bird

(1:50) Like a modern Leonardo da Vinci, Dutch mechanical engineer Jarno Smeets takes off on his maiden flight, flapping his wings like a bird.


87%VideoApr 2013

Flaptter ornithopter flight

(1:21) Japanese man tests the new wings on his ornithopter, the Flaptter. An ornithopter is a machine that flies like a bird or insect, by flapping its wings.


87%VideoFeb 2015

Remote-controlled pterodactyl takes to the skies

(1:57) Drones are so yesterday.


86%VideoSep 2010

First plane with flapping wings achieves sustained flight

Human-powered ornithopter (aeroplane that flies by flapping its wings) achieves sustained flight. Students from University of Toronto claim their ornithopter, The Snowbird; may have set an FAI record with a 'first ever' flight of its kind.


77%VideoAug 2006

Flapper flight

If God meant us to fly, he'd have given us wings