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93%VideoApr 2014

Shell-stealing veined octopus in action

(2:29) Known for their unusual behaviour, like bipedal walking, this is definitely not your average cephalopod.

93%VideoMay 2012

Strange undersea creature captured on camera

(6:30) At first, it could be mistaken for the ubiquitous plastic bag, but it soon becomes obvious it's more mysterious than that.


93%VideoMay 2014

Epic gathering of flying rays

(2:16) A record-breaking school of mobular rays arrive off the coast of Baja, California.

93%VideoMay 2015

Scientists capture stunning images of unknown deep sea creatures

(1:29) The oceans cover two-thirds of the Earth's surface, of which we have explored only 5%.

93%VideoMay 2017

Crab fashion

(3:37) Crabs that don the latest in seaweed fashion.

93%VideoDec 2008

Deep Ocean - strange animals discovered

Scientists estimate there are 10-30 million unknown species in the sea


93%VideoMay 2016

Unusually large dumbo octopus sighting

(2:36) E/V Nautilus spots an unusually large dumbo octopus.

92%VideoMar 2012

Deep ocean mysteries and wonders

(8:28) Our oceans make up 70% of the Earth's surface, of which we have only explored 5%. Deep down in that 5%, we have discovered an ecosystem with more diversity than a tropical rainforest!

92%VideoDec 2014

How whales change climate

(4:52) When whales populations were at their historic highs, before their numbers were reduced, it seems they may have been responsible for removing tens of millions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere every year.


91%VideoSep 2014

A loving eel called Honey

(2:50) Adorable underwater love story between Australian diver Valerie Taylor and a moray eel.