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PictureOct 2010

US airports reject RT ads that encourage questioning

Russia Today ads that encourage viewers to question more have been banned from US airports


VideoMay 2011

Giant waterspout off Australia

Connecting sea to clouds, a waterspout doesn't actually suck up water. The main funnel is water droplets formed by condensation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterspout

VideoMay 2013

Cameron calls for transparency from 'British' tax havens

(2:40) Too rich to tax? British Prime Minister David Cameron promises to raise the issue of tax havens under British jurisdiction ahead of the G8 Summit in June 2013.


VideoSep 2017

5 key moments from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour conference speech

(3:12) Jeremy Corbyn moves Labour into the mainstream.


VideoMar 2011

Diana Johnstone attacks 'NATO' intervention in Libya

Political writer Diana Johnstone argues that UN/NATO is not equipped to protect civilians and that the real purpose is regime change


VideoMar 2018

Google bans bitcoin adverts

(5:39) Google has landed a major blow for Bitcoin after it was announced adverts for the cryptocurrency would be removed.

VideoFeb 2011

Gaddafi, babes and Islam

Bizarre story of Colonel Gaddafi, aka Mad Dog, when in 2009 on a state visit to Italy, he tried to convert beautiful Italian models to Islam. Even he knows sex sells.


VideoApr 2012

Fukushima radiation so high even robots can't work there!

(7:14) A year on after the Fukushima disaster, radiation levels are still rising.


VideoSep 2016

Fascinating interview with Julian Assange's mother

(12:34) Who is Julian Assange?

VideoJun 2012

Max Keiser: "The banks are dead"

(3:28) Moody's, one of the 'Big Three' credit rating agencies who assesses the credit worthiness of corporations and governments, has slashed the ratings of fifteen of the biggest banks in Europe and the US including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, RBS and Deutsche Bank.