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95%VideoJan 2012

Marshall Soulful Jones - Touchscreen

(3:12) Slam poet Marshall Soulful Jones delivers his poem about technology and the modern human.


95%VideoMay 2019

Chimp watches himself on Instagram

(0:59) A chimpanzee effortlessly scrolls through Instagram.


94%VideoMay 2018

Noam Chomsky on Cambridge Analytica almost a year before the scandal


94%VideoAug 2018

Bill Maher - Avatar America

(6:32) You or your avatar, which is the real you?

94%AnimationAug 2013

The Innovation of Loneliness

(4:27) What is the connection between social networks and loneliness? Inspired by Sherry Turkle's book 'Alone Together'.


93%VideoAug 2018

Debate: Should Alex Jones have been banned from social media platforms?

(7:08) It began with Apple - then Facebook, Spotify and YouTube - who joined forces to remove conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and InfoWars from their platforms.


89%VideoJun 2018

Jaron Lanier - How social media ruins not only your life, but also society

(21:00) Fascinating interview with American computer scientist and philosopher Jaron Lanier.

88%VideoJun 2013

Jaron Lanier: How technology widens the economic divide

(8:20) American computer scientist Jaron Lanier, probably best known for popularising the term "virtual reality", on getting paid for access to your information.


88%VideoOct 2014

Can we auto-correct humanity?

(3:28) Did you know the average person spends four years off his life looking down at his cell phone?


88%PictureAug 2016

Instagram photos improved with creative wit

(50 pics) Brazilian artist Lucas Levitan uses random Instagram pictures for his canvas.