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VideoNov 2019

Sacha Baron Cohen attacks social media giants

(24:43) Sacha Baron Cohen calls for a fundamental rethink of social media and how it spreads hate, conspiracies and lies.

VideoSep 2011

CLOO, genius or shit idea?

Where do you go when you're bursting and there's nowhere to go? Try CLOO, the community loo. For a nominal fee, you can visit a friend's, or a friend of friend's, bathroom for an urgent dump.


VideoMar 2012

Three Little Pigs - What really happened?

(2:01) Advert for The Guardian imagines how the story of the three little pigs would be covered today.


VideoNov 2012

How many photos have ever been taken?

(6:27) Vsauce Michael meanders through digital photography to Facebook and the wisdom of crowds. Very interesting.

VideoFeb 2020

MSNBC | Trump campaign's billion dollar disinformation tactics

(9:36) The Trump campaign's disinformation machine known as the "Death Star" is already in action.

VideoMar 2020

Joe Rogan | Lex Fridman | Are social media algorithms more dangerous than killer robots?

(10:55) AI researcher Lex Fridman discusses the dangers of uncontrollable dumb algorithms.

VideoMay 2018

Noam Chomsky on Cambridge Analytica almost a year before the scandal


AnimationNov 2010

A life on Facebook

The story of Alex Droner told through Facebook


VideoDec 2017

James O'Brien - How Facebook affects our political beliefs

(4:18) Dan from Leicester explains how our very own Facebook algorithms are presenting an augmented reality of the world and influencing our political viewpoint.

VideoMar 2018

Mark Zuckerberg on data sharing and privacy (2008)

(6:26) Facebook learned the importance of privacy way back in 2008.