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VideoJul 2017

Superconducting quantum levitation on a 3 pi Mobius strip

(2:49) Demonstration by the Low Temperature Physics Lab.


VideoNov 2010

Richard Feynman introduces his lecture on Quantum Electrodynamics

The great physicist Richard Feynman warns his students that they won't understand what he's going to tell them. And if they don't like it, they can go somewhere else.


AnimationJul 2012

The Higgs Boson, Part I

(3:04) Aka the God Particle. Explained by MinutePhysics.


VideoMar 2016

A shit history of quantum theory

(3:23) Best physics lesson since the Big Bang.

AnimationApr 2017

Quantum quackery

(5:21) Quantum mechanics in 5 minutes.

VideoMar 2014

DNews - How we know the Big Bang actually happened

(5:20) March 2014: Astronomers announced that they have directly observed gravitational waves from a telescope near the South Pole. Dr Ian O'Neill explains this new, groundbreaking finding.


AnimationSep 2019

The Super Zoom

(3:19) Animated journey from the macro view to the "quantum world".


AnimationAug 2015

What is dark matter and dark energy?

(6:20) Although we can't see dark matter or dark energy, we know they exist because we can see the effects.

VideoOct 2013

Antimatter matters

(3:42) Particle physicist Tara Shears looks at the puzzling imbalance between matter and antimatter.

AnimationOct 2011

60-second adventures in thought - Schrodinger's cat (6/6)

Final episode in this Open University series. Schrodinger's thought experiment comparing observations in the quantum world to the 'real' world of cats, a thought experiment he wished he had never proposed. Voiced by comedian David Mitchell. More Open University philosophy videos: http://tiny.cc/n0spp