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VideoMar 2018

String Theory, the true nature of reality?

(8:00) Is String Theory the much sought after Theory of Everything?

AnimationJul 2012

The Higgs Boson, Part I

(3:04) Aka the God Particle. Explained by MinutePhysics.


AnimationAug 2015

What is dark matter and dark energy?

(6:20) Although we can't see dark matter or dark energy, we know they exist because we can see the effects.

VideoFeb 2012

What is nothing?

(3:09) If you emptied the universe of all its contents, would you get a pure void? This is more than just an abstract or philosophical question. In physics, it is key to trying to understand why anything exists at all.


VideoJul 2017

Superconducting quantum levitation on a 3 pi Mobius strip

(2:49) Demonstration by the Low Temperature Physics Lab.


AnimationAug 2014

Quantum Computing 101

(3:38) A very basic introduction by Microsoft to the mind-bending world of quantum computing.

VideoMar 2014

Veritasium - Evidence of cosmic inflation

(10:42) How did the Big Bang bang?


VideoAug 2017

Do we live in a Matrix-like simulation?

(22:52) Thought-provoking evidence for the virtuality of our world.

AnimationMay 2013

What's the dark matter?

(5:35) 'Stuff' comprises of only 4% of the universe. The rest of the universe is empty space, or so that's how it looks. CERN scientist James Gillies explains the remaining 96% - what scientists now term as dark matter and dark energy.


VideoMar 2014

DNews - How we know the Big Bang actually happened

(5:20) March 2014: Astronomers announced that they have directly observed gravitational waves from a telescope near the South Pole. Dr Ian O'Neill explains this new, groundbreaking finding.