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88%ShopApr 2012

Ion iCade Arcade

What started off as an April Fool's joke on ThinkGeek turned out to be so popular it became a real product.

87%ShopMar 2011

50 Foot Snowball Launcher

Long range advantage for snowball fights.

87%ShopNov 2011

Air Swimmers Clown Fish

Radio controlled Air Swimmers Clown Fish really do swim through the air. This ingenious balloon is propelled by its sideways-moving tail.

87%ShopNov 2013

Duo Pinball controller for iPad

For all you pinball wizards. The Duo Pinball features flipper buttons, spring-loaded plunger and touch screen tilt to make iPad pinball games almost like the real thing.

87%ShopNov 2013

LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

Cruise in style with the classic 1962 Volkswagen Camper T1 Van, featuring iconic 'splittie' safari windshield and pop-up roof!

86%ShopDec 2011

Pool Jet

Electric sea scooter for swimming pools. Great for improving swimmers, fun for accomplished swimmers.


86%ShopFeb 2012

Magnetic Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty infused with magnetic particles giving it strange properties.


86%ShopNov 2013

Micro Drone quadcopter

Remote controlled quadcopter capable of 360 spins at the push of a button.

86%ShopJan 2014

Doodle-Track Car

Draw a line and this little car will magically follow.