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98%VideoDec 2011

Brian Cox demonstrates why atoms are empty

(6:27) Particle physicist Brian Cox gives a science lesson to celebrities with some helping wrist-action from comedian Simon Pegg and physicist Jim Al-Khalili.


97%VideoSep 2011

Colour is in the eye of the beholder

(7:56) Fascinating BBC Horizon clip shows the link between colour and language, as demonstrated by tests with the Himba tribe of Namibia.


96%VideoSep 2012

Seadragons dance into the night

(3:36) Named for their uncanny resemblance to the plant life around them, a male weedy seadragon seduces a female with some fancy fin work.


96%VideoJan 2013

Squirrel blows it

(0:20) Great editing by the BBC.


95%VideoJun 2012

Stephen Fry bottle feeds a baby rhino

(1:54) Motherly Stephen Fry bottle feeds a baby rhino in Kenya, possibly the most satisfying thing he's ever done.


94%VideoMar 2007

Comic Relief 2007

Catherine Tate meets Tony Blair


94%VideoJun 2011

Otter and Michaela Strachan's intimate incident

(0:26) Hot BBC TV presenter Michaela Strachan is molested by an otter. One of the perks of the job.


94%VideoSep 2011

Bomb disposal operator at work

(3:20) For the first time, the Ministry of Defence has allowed the work of specialist bomb disposal teams in Afghanistan to be shown in a new BBC 1 documentary, The Bomb Squad


94%VideoOct 2011

Life is scary

Happy scary Halloween from BBC Earth!


94%VideoJan 2017

Claims on the Plains

(1:00) Have you been injured at work? Ever been bitten by a crocodile or fallen off a rhino?