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VideoDec 2013

Bill Nye's open letter to President Obama

(3:23) Science Guy Bill Nye makes the case for funding planetary exploration.


VideoNov 2013

How bloodsucking ticks get through tough skin

(1:30) Scientists studying ticks that carry Lyme bacteria wanted to know how they stick to skin so well.

VideoMay 2016

TYT - The evolutionary benefits of oral sex

(7:19) The Young Turks discuss a recent study that sheds light on the reason people engage in oral sex.

VideoMar 2011

Quadrocopter ping pong

Ball juggling experiments with a pair of quadrocopters. The remote-controlled quadrocopters are not human piloted, they and the ball are tracked by an overhead motion capture system and controlled by a pair of computers.


VideoFeb 2013

Finding the invisible in the visible

(3:33) Scientists at MIT have developed software that exaggerates very small visual changes so that they can be seen with the naked eye.

VideoSep 2011

Rich people have less empathy than poor people

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks discusses a study published by Psychological Science that concludes the rich have less empathy than the poor. In a series of experiments, the study found that lower-class people were better at reading emotions on faces (what researchers call empathic accuracy) than upper class people. More at:


VideoMar 2016

NASA's Operation Icebridge

(8:33) NASA's Operation IceBridge studies how the ice is changing in the Antarctica.

VideoJun 2020

Vox | How coronavirus spreads outdoors vs indoors

(6:02) Can a runner give you COVID-19? How easily can coronavirus spread in the open air?

VideoMay 2018

200 wallets dropped in US cities

(9:21) If you lost your wallet, how likely is it that you'd get it back?


VideoAug 2019

Two Minute Papers | 4 experiments where AI outsmarted its creators

(3:31) Researchers discover surprising creativity in AI bots.