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VideoApr 2020

Real Science | The vaccine to end the pandemic?

(13:25) Great explainer for what's involved in developing a vaccine against COVID-19.

VideoApr 2020

Scientists react to bizarre deep-sea fish

(1:46) Scientists on the Nautilus team ran into a mysterious creature off the coast of Hawaii.

VideoFeb 2015

NASA projects megadroughts for American West

(2:40) Scientists estimate future drought risk using data from tree rings and soil moisture.

VideoMar 2011

Quadrocopter ping pong

Ball juggling experiments with a pair of quadrocopters. The remote-controlled quadrocopters are not human piloted, they and the ball are tracked by an overhead motion capture system and controlled by a pair of computers.


VideoAug 2011

The Climate Factor, global warming warning from 1984

US government film produced by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) warning of a warming planet. This idea was actually considered much earlier. In 1896, Swedish scientist Svante August Arrhenius proposed that carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of coal would enhance the Earth's greenhouse effect and lead to global warming.

VideoDec 2011

The promise of Kepler 22B

(6:17) On December 5, 2011, the Kepler science team confirmed the existence of the most Earth-like planet so far discovered, orbiting a star not dissimilar to our sun, a mere 600 light years away.


VideoApr 2012

Robot masters stairs

(2:05) Not the smoothest of operators, but getting there. Boston Dynamics test a walking robot that will compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge.


VideoNov 2012

Space station commander gives a tour of the ISS

(25:05) Before returning to Earth, Commander of the International Space Station, NASA's Sunita Williams recorded an extensive tour of the orbital laboratory.


VideoFeb 2013

David Suzuki's early warning from 1970

(2:27) Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist David Suzuki warns of tampering with ourselves to adapt to an inhospitable environment we are creating, rather than fixing what we messed up.

AnimationOct 2013

Could your brain be hacked?

(2:46) The brain is an electrical device, and so it can be connected to other electrical devices.