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97%VideoFeb 2013

Small man trapped in a box

(1:37) Rob Brydon shows he has a hell of a talent.


92%VideoMar 2012

The Cockney Bible

(2:38) The Archbishop of Canterbury once endorsed a Cockney version of the Bible. True or false?

91%VideoOct 2012

Would I Lie To You? - Rob Brydon's biscuit habit

(3:20) Does Rob Brydon have a wasteful attitude towards the top and bottom biscuits in a pack?


91%VideoDec 2010

This is how Michael Caine speaks

(1:43) Rob Brydon and Steve Cougan discuss in depth Sir Michael Caine's voice.


91%VideoJan 2012

Would I Lie To You? - Charlie Brooker said he was deaf

(3:48) For six years British journalist Charlie Brooker pretended he was partially deaf to his girlfriend. True or lie?

88%VideoDec 2010

Drink it

In a restaurant somewhere in the north of England, Steve Cougan and Rob Brydon are presented with a green-hued liquor for their appetiser. Drinking it required just a little help from tough guy Ray Winstone. From BBC program The Trip.


88%VideoMay 2012

Did Lee Mack donate his dibber to the British Lawnmower Museum?

(4:58) David Mitchell's team have to guess if Lee Mack is telling the truth.

88%VideoAug 2013

WILTY - Did Charles Dance have a chimp around for tea?

(3:22) English actor Charles Dance is quizzed on his claim that he once had a chimpanzee to tea.


88%VideoSep 2013

Is Reginald D Hunter's middle name Delicious?

(3:21) Can you fathom the fact from the fiction? Could Reginald D Hunter's middle name actually be "Delicious"?

88%VideoDec 2017

WILTY - Did Lee Mack really take a crash course in taxidermy?