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PictureSep 2010

Soft landing for Harrier pilot

Problematic landing gear on a Harrier jump jet. Not to worry, we have a solution...


VideoDec 2010

Pepsi Stuff, the infamous Harrier jet offer

Part of the Harrier's colourful past. In a 1996 Pepsi Stuff marketing campaign, a Harrier jump jet was offered to anyone who collected 7,000,000 Pepsi Points in full confidence that nobody could like Pepsi that much. But somebody did, and a lawsuit later, the judge ruled that any reasonable person would conclude that the ad was a joke letting Pepsi off the hook.


VideoSep 2005

Harrier jet

Beach side entertainment for bathers

VideoSep 2013

Harrier takeoff and landing, USS Kearsarge

(4:30) March 28, 2013: Harrier pilot conducts flight operations from USS Kearsarge in the Mediterranean.


VideoJul 2019

Runaway Harrier

(3:51) The true story of what happened when an RAF pilot ejected from his Harrier jump jet in 1971.

VideoDec 2010

How the Harrier hovers

John Farley explains how the Harrier takes off vertically and maintains control whilst in hover mode. Clip from DVD 'Harrier: The Vertical Reality'.