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VideoMay 2012

Moscow riots, 6 May 2012

(1:14) Mass rally and rioting in Moscow on the eve of Vladimir Putin's presidential inauguration.


VideoNov 2014

Ferguson police officer breaks his silence since grand jury decision

(7:27) Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014, gives his version of events.


VideoNov 2015

Fox Faceoff - Police brutality debate kicks off

(3:27) Activist Quanell X and political consultant Angela Box debate the cop who manhandled a 16-year-old girl from Spring Valley High School in South Carolina.


VideoFeb 2015

US police shoot man throwing rocks

(0:22) Phone footage of Pasco police shooting dead 35-year-old homeless man Antonio Zambrano-Montes, for thowing rocks.


VideoSep 2016

Black people hate white people because they are more successful

(5:20) Republican congressman Robert Pittenger blames US welfare system for protests over police brutality in Charlotte.


VideoNov 2016

Police cause mass hypothermia at Dakota Access Pipeline

(4:02) Appalling police brutality against the water protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline.


VideoOct 2017

James O'Brien - Why is EU silent over shocking violence in Catalonia?

(4:23) LBC host James O'Brien locks horns with a caller about the European Union's response to the police brutality in Catalonia.


VideoSep 2019

NowThis | Hong Kong police are spraying protesters with blue dye

(3:01) Hong Kong protestors are now being sprayed with blue-dye so police can make arrests later.

VideoNov 2011

Joe Rogan on cops and Occupy Wall Street

Police are people, and their job is to serve and protect. Or more specifically, to serve nice people and protect against douchebags.


VideoSep 2013

Female vet arrested with excessive force for no good reason

(1:52) Arrested and brutalised. See for yourself.