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VideoMay 2011

Total Recall (1990) - Consider that a divorce

Arnie recalled the future. His past has caught up with him. He recently split with Maria Shriver (his wife for 25 years) after revealing he had an illegitimate child with their housekeeper.


VideoFeb 2008

Gene Kelly tap dancing on rollerskates

One of the greatest dancers of all time, from the movie 'It's Always Fair Weather' (1955)


VideoMar 2007

Life of Brian - The Crucifixion

Always look on the bright side of life


VideoSep 2013

Police Squad! epilogues

(6:44) All the epilogues from the files of Police Squad! TV series.

VideoJan 2007

Thelma & Louise - Over the Grand Canyon

Girls gone wild end their road movie

VideoJun 2007

The Matrix Reloaded - Freeway chase

(14:23) Morpheus and Trinity go for an eventful drive.


VideoMay 2007

The Great Escape - Steve McQueen's bid for freedom

Motorcycling POW with Nazis in pursuit

VideoSep 2008

Cool Hand Luke (1967) - Paul Newman sings Plastic Jesus

The coolest Hollywood icon of them all sings in a story of a man who refuses to conform to life in a rural prison


VideoMay 2009

An Archaeological Moment in Time

Classic movie scenes edited and used to illustrate how different societies are advancing at different rates on the same date in the distant past


VideoNov 2010

Spartacus (1960) - I am Spartacus!

Classic scene from Stanley Kubrik's Spartacus, where slaves stand up in support of their leader. It is also the inspiration behind the #iamspartacus campaign on Twitter in support of Paul Chambers who was fined £1000 for sending a 'menacing' tweet when he thought he was going to miss a flight from Doncaster. It read: 'Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You've got a week and a bit to get your shit together otherwise I'm blowing the airport skyhigh!'.