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VideoJan 2013

Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones Dubstep Remix

(2:58) Mahem inside Alex Jones' head while shooting off at Piers Morgan.


VideoJan 2020

GMB | Is Britain finished?



VideoMar 2020

GMB | Is Greta Thunberg scaremongering?

(7:41) Climate activist Amy Bray (17) and self-proclaimed "climate realist" Naomi Seibt (19) discuss if Greta Thunberg is inspiring change or causing unnecessary alarm.

VideoDec 2012

Piers Morgan vs Jesse Ventura on gun control

(4:25) American politician Jesse Ventura argues that the right to bear arms is actually for the people's protection against their own government turning into a brutal dictatorship.


VideoJul 2011

Piers Morgan talks to Bill Maher - Palin or Bachmann?

Bill Maher welcomes splitting the MILF vote. Scary thought Palin or Bachmann playing most powerful person on the planet.


VideoApr 2020

CNN | Piers Morgan gives advice for his friend Donald Trump

(10:58) Former CNN host Piers Morgan slams Donald Trump's and Boris Johnson's handling of the COVID-19 crisis.


VideoJan 2011

Preacher Joel Osteen: Homosexuality is a sin

Piers Morgan asks Christian preacher Joel Osteen about his views on homosexuality and sin. Osteen's unclear answers are telling, and he finally admits to understanding very little. If only Piers Morgan dug deeper when Osteen's sidekick, wife Victoria, chuckled at the thought of Elton John waking up one morning deciding he fancied being gay.


VideoAug 2011

Piers Morgan baffled by Christine O'Donnell

Piers Morgan at his best. Genuinely baffled by Christine O'Donnell's refusal to answer a question on gay marriage, he holds his line. From CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight.


VideoSep 2011

Michael Moore: Occupy Wall Street is an uprising that will spread

Speaking to Piers Morgan, American filmmaker and social critic Michael Moore decried the economic injustice in America. He argued that the people are fed up and it's manifesting itself in the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. Is this the beginning of the American Spring?


VideoAug 2011

Piers Morgan interviews Ron Paul

(13:04) Candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination, aka. intellectual godfather of the Tea Party, Ron Paul chats to Piers Morgan about why the media are not talking about him.