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VideoMar 2011

381 seconds interview with theoretical physicist Lawrence Krause

The most poetic thing in the universe according to Professor Lawrence Krauss, is the realisation that we are all stardust. Interviewed by Eli de los Pinos, an award-winning scientist herself, at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2011.


VideoFeb 2011

Scientist Michio Kaku on communicating with aliens

Astrophysicist and Professor of Physics at City University, New York Michio Kaku puts the search for alien life into perspective. To understand what he means by a Type 3 Civilisation, check out BoreMe clip:

VideoDec 2010

NASA finds new life form

Christina Rad, aka ZOMGitsCriss comments on NASA's discovery of a new form of life, not in space as you might expect, but in California. The implications for life elsewhere in the universe are profound now that we have proof that the basic structure of life can be different to what was previously thought possible.


VideoFeb 2011

Carl Sagan - Life looks for life

Who else lives in the dark? Maybe civilisations arise all the time, but wipe themselves out as soon as they are able, or...