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92%VideoJan 2011

Homeless man with golden radio voice

Radio, the theatre of mind. Columbus, OH, an inspired Ted Williams pulls his life back together after a stint of alcohol, drugs and some other things. With over 4 million views on YouTube in two days, I'm sure you'll be hearing Ted again.


87%VideoJan 2011

Ted Williams gets his dream job, and a home, with a little help from God

No longer homeless, the man with the golden voice thanks God for having transformed his life. I guess God hasn't got around to helping other homeless people yet, being the busy creator that he is. Don't get me wrong, Ted Williams is an inspiration we can all learn from, pulling his life together in times so bad even the homeless compete for jobs. But I suspect Ted's success is more to do with him being an exceptional human being, rather than a little help from upstairs. Shame about losing his crazy hair though.


KRAFT 87%VideoJan 2011

Ted Williams records KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese commercial

In the studio with the world's most popular ex-bum. You know you love it.

87%VideoFeb 2011

Life on the street after Ted Williams

Ted Williams is the man who gave the homeless a voice. Following in his footsteps are News Man, Movie Man and Info Man, but competition is tough.


87%VideoJan 2012

What happened to the man with the golden voice?

(3:18) Do you remember Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden radio voice, who's life completely turned around when his voice was picked up by a passing driver? So what is he up to one year on.