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AnimationMar 2012

Dubstep Class

(1:57) Tutorial on dubstep production. For the kids, it was their first time.

VideoMay 2012

Dubstep tap

(0:35) Tap makes some very strange noises.


VideoMay 2012

Live dubstep performance by Riccardo Betti

(2:03) Winner of DJ Tech Tools / Ableton Contest.


VideoFeb 2016

Girl masters dubstep dancing by using YouTube

(2:06) 12-year-old Adilyn Malcolm demonstrated the power of YouTube by mastering dubstep dancing in only 8 months.

VideoMay 2017

Progress video: The difference 700 hours of practice makes


VideoSep 2011

Pumped Up Kicks, next level dubstep

(5:27) It's like fun video editing replicated in real life.


VideoJun 2012

Perfect dubstep impression

(0:40) How dubstep sounds to everyone, including those who like it.


VideoAug 2013

Dubstep Cat

(1:38) From YT: "Meet Dubstep Cat! He was a stray that my room mate took in..."


VideoMay 2014

iPhone ringtone remix

(3:20) MetroGnome's live remix of the iPhone's marimba ringtone.

VideoAug 2012

M4SONIC - Weapon (live Launchpad mashup)

(2:53) Live performance on the Novation Launchpad by electronica producer M4SONIC using a custom drum kit and a mixture of samples.