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94%VideoSep 2013

Professor's wheel momentum demonstration

(3.13) Dutch physics professor at MIT, Walter Lewin demonstrates the counterintuitive actions of momentum on a spinning wheel.


91%VideoDec 2012

Teen African inventor invited to MIT

(10:07) 15-year-old Kelvin Doe scours rubbish dumps for the parts to build batteries, generators and transmitters. Completely self-taught, he built his own radio station and broadcasts news and music under the moniker, DJ Focus. He is the youngest person to be invited to the "Visiting Practitioner's Program" at MIT.


90%VideoJun 2016

Matt Damon slams Trump and bankers at MIT speech

(2:54) Clip from Matt Damon's 2016 MIT Commencement Address.

89%VideoNov 2016

President Barack Obama on what AI means for national security

(12:56) The challenges of cyber security in the age of artificial intelligence.

88%VideoMar 2013

Great physics experiment demonstrating that not even a speeding bullet can fool gravity.

(4:41) From the MIT lectures of Dutch astrophysicist Walter Lewin.


88%VideoJun 2015

MIT students predict robot apocalypse

(3:08) Is Terminator science fiction? Or fact within your lifetime?

87%VideoMar 2011

The Copenhagen Wheel, probably the world's smartest bike

(4:33) More than clever, a hybrid bike that saves wasted braking energy to give the cyclist a boost when he needs it.


87%VideoMar 2018

Seeing through fog for self-driving cars

(2:59) Researchers from MIT have developed a system that can see objects in fog so thick human vision can't penetrate.