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AnimationAug 2011

Anonymous: Operation Facebook, Nov 5 2011

Attention citizens of the world. Message from hacking group Anonymous that Facebook will be destroyed, and the historic day will be November 5th, 2011. They accuse Facebook of selling your private information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world. The world post Nov 5th will be interesting if they succeed in their threat.


VideoOct 2011

Anonymous - The bankers ARE the problem

(8:15) Firm message from Anonymous concerning Occupy Wall Street and the bankers. Next video shows bankers mocking Occupy Wall Street protesters as they march below.


VideoJan 2012

Anonymous downs government and music industry sites in biggest attack ever

(8:38) In retaliation to US authorities shut down of Hong Kong based file-sharing site MegaUpload, Hacktivist group Anonymous attacked and successfully shut down websites including the FBI, The Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, and the Recording Industry Association of America.

VideoDec 2012

Anonymous message to Westboro Baptist Church

(3:40) Hello, Westboro Baptist Church. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Anonymous.... Expect us.


AnimationOct 2011

A message from Anonymous to the 99%

Now, because of social networks and the internet, the masses are getting teeth, and the world is getting very interesting


VideoNov 2011

Anonymous takes on Mexican drug cartel

Spanish language. Anonymous advised its members to protect their online identities as a core group decides if it should take on a Mexican drug cartel that is said to have kidnapped a member of the group.


VideoFeb 2015

Anonymous take on ISIS

(2:12) ISIS will be treated like a virus and eradicated from the internet, vowed members of hacktivist group Anonymous.


VideoApr 2016

Anonymous message to Hillary Clinton

(4:33) Anonymous have not forgotten or forgiven Hillary Clinton.

VideoJan 2008

Anonymous - Second address to Scientology

Vigilantes escalate their attack on the cult

VideoSep 2011

Anonymous message: Occupy the planet

With the advent of social networks and groups like Anonymous, people power now has teeth, as demonstrated by the Arab Spring. Leaderless 'hacking' group Anonymous calls for the 99% to take part and occupy.