JAPAN 8.9 QUAKE 2011

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94%PictureJun 2011

Japan's recovery from the massive tsunami of March 2011

After tsunami devastation on a biblical scale and added radioactive fallout from the nearby Fukushima nuclear power plant, the Japanese have begun the monumental task of cleaning up. It will be many years, if ever, before things are back to normal.


94%VideoMar 2011

Japanese dog stays with its injured friend

Humans are not the only victims of a natural disaster. A moving show of loyalty as a dog comforts its injured friend. Both dogs are now receiving treatment in an animal shelter.


93%VideoApr 2011

Ground shifting in Japan, April 12, 2011

(6:15) Soil liquefaction is a phenomenon that can occur, usually after earthquakes in 'loose' ground saturated with water.


93%VideoMar 2011

Tarou's tsunami barrier

After experiencing two devastating earthquakes (1895 and 1933), the people of Tarou built a great wall 10 metres high to counter the next one.


92%VideoMar 2011

Inbound tsunami with 5 km to go

A Japanese Coast Guard ship rises over the inbound tsunami. Relatively harmless at sea, but utterly destructive on land.


92%VideoMar 2011

Japanese tsunami reaches California

After travelling many thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean, the Japanese tsunami, tired but still significant, hits California's coastline


90%PictureFeb 2012

Japan, 11 months after tsunami

(18 pictures) 11 months have passed since the devastating tsunami that hit the north-east coast of Japan in March 2011. Pictures now compared with then.


87%VideoMar 2011

Tsunami arrival at Sendai Airport, Japan

Inside Sendai Airport with nowhere to flee as tsunami wave passes through. Sendai is the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture in Japan and has a population of one million.


87%VideoMar 2011

Massive quake shakes Tokyo skyscrapers

High-rise buildings swaying in Shinjuku, Tokyo's commercial and administrative center. All hail the engineers who realise that earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do when they come crashing down.


87%VideoMar 2011

Ground level footage from Japanese tsunami

Close up, the relentless destruction of a tsunami as it rages through Japanese streets. Residents on higher ground, totally powerless, look on as their past is washed away.